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Cable Transit System Components

Cable Transit System Components

Conch Company is a worldwide distributor for electrical oilfield applications, serving offshore sites based in Texas, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and in the Gulf of Mexico. We offer a complete line of highly reliable cable transit system components designed for rugged applications and harsh weather conditions. These lines of products are designed to accommodate various building requirements and work with a wide range of building materials. They provide simplified routing and sealing for cables, pipes, and hoses running through roofs, walls, welded areas, or bolted structures. They can be used to seal various holes and conduit openings, providing stability and protection for automation and electrical control systems. All of our cable transit products help to repel fire, smoke, water, and even explosions, making them ideal for military and commercial marine use. Adjustable and customizable, they can be used for high pressure sealing applications during deep sea marine expeditions or offshore rig operations. We provide an array of industrial strength cable connection and transit products that can yield superior strain relief, reliability, and dependable protection for sensitive components.

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