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Electrical Controls

Electrical Lighting Controls

Conch Company has distributed electrical automation and control equipment for offshore oilfield sites since 1979. We provide sales and support to oil, gas, and exploration companies operating off the coasts of Texas, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

The manufacturers we represent are some of the most prominent suppliers of dependable power distribution and management equipment for harsh environments. We carry an extensive line of electrical control products, energy efficiency, automation solutions, power conversion, and low voltage electrical devices designed to operate in explosive atmospheres or severe weather conditions. Whenever personnel or expensive equipment are at risk, our electrical control products provide clearly recognizable signaling and alarm capabilities. Every product has been extensively optimized and tested for durability, corrosion-resistance, safety, and ease of installation at various ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities. We help power and manage extremely sensitive systems in industrial or deep sea environments, ensuring continuous production and reliable operation in any part of the world.

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