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LED Lighting and Retrofitting

LED Lighting

Conch Company is a leading distributor of electrical products for offshore oilfield applications. Our product offerings include a wide range of efficient and reliable LED lighting solutions that are designed to survive virtually any hazardous operation. We offer lighting systems, accessories, and retrofit equipment for applications where performance in heavy seaborne environments is critical. These lights are available with a variety of intensities, colors, and illumination patterns. We can retrofit an existing fluorescent light into an energy-efficient LED alternative, yielding considerable electrical savings over its 80,000 hour lifespan. Designed for wet maritime conditions or military applications, they will securely mount to walls, berths, bridges, and bunks. They can be configured with standard or explosion proof cases that also protect against moisture, dirt, dust, corrosion, vibration, and flammable dust, vapors, or gases. From emergency visual indicators to aeronautical navigation, we only sell products that have proven themselves in offshore oil platforms and naval vessels operating throughout Texas, Brazil, Africa, Australia, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

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