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R. Stahl

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Since 1979, Conch Company has provided oilfields and offshore drilling platforms with electrical products designed for hazardous or rugged environments. We stock an extensive inventory of explosion proof electrical safety panels manufactured by R.Stahl. Since the early 1950's, R. Stahl safety panels have been deployed in some of the harshest environments across the globe. They’re engineered to safeguard employees and assets during rigorous oil operations; protecting against chemicals, vapors, temperatures, and other corrosive atmospheres. With over 130 years of experience, R. Stahl has grown into a worldwide leader for automation, control, monitoring, lighting, and signaling applications. They manufacture products to the latest NEC, IEC, and CEC standards protecting electrical equipment in hazardous locations. We’re an OEM provider for R. Stahl, offering a variety of safety and explosion-proof enclosures to sites located in Texas, Brazil, Australia, Africa, and across the Gulf of Mexico.

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