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Type P Cables

Type-P Marine Cables

At Conch Company, we’re a premier distributor for Type P marine cables, designed to operate in punishing offshore or deep sea marine conditions. We’ve provided Type P cables to customers throughout Brazil, Australia, Africa, Texas, and in the Gulf of Mexico. These world-class products feature high strength, impact resistance, flexibility, and are resistant to both mud and oil. They’re available with an array of options to protect against heat, cold, flame, mud, dirt, oil, gases, hydrocarbons, chemicals, moisture, and abrasion. We only sell Type P cables that provide superior dielectric strength properties, high ampacity ratings, and deliver an extremely long service life. These cables are engineered to protect against punishing elements typically experienced in offshore oil & gas drilling operations. We can recommend cables that comply with the latest industry standards from NEK 606, IEC, IEEE/UL, and BS/UKOOA. Throughout the world, our Type P cables have consistently proven their ability to handle virtually any power, control, signal, or instrumentation requirement.

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